Factory Repair Center -“Your customer friendly, worry and hassle free, extended warranty service plan”

Making sure that you are prepared for the unexpected is always the smart thing to do. As consumer products become more reliant on technology, manufacturer’s defects are occurring now more than ever. FRC membership Guarantees that you will not be left unprotected. As the world’s premier provider of extended warranty service plans, we are committed to providing our members with the highest level of product support. Take comfort in knowing that with FRC on your side, you are covered. With thousands of authorized service centers to choose from FRC has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry. Our only hope is that you take comfort in knowing that should your equipment let you down, we will not. We are Factory Repair Center, friendly reliable customer service that will be here for you – standing still by your side. With that said, we wish you years of good use and satisfaction from your equipment.